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The Early History of the Observatory on Cerro San Cristóbal: 1900-1929

November 1, 2013

Nora Mills Boyd

Abstract:   History tends to forget the patient and diligent episodes of cooperative science, which are eclipsed by the biographies of great individuals and their most brilliant discoveries and novel explanations.  This is too bad, since it means forgetting the careful cumulative work of long term research programs.  Resisting this trend, I look closely at the early history of astrophysics in Chile, focusing on the first few decades of an observatory originally established by astronomers from the Lick Observatory near Santiago, which today is called the Manuel Foster Observatory.  The observatory was initially funded as a short term “expedition” to collect the spectra of the approximately 200 brightest stars in the Southern sky with the aim of measuring the motion of the solar system with respect to the galaxy.  I will present some details of the physical construction and installation of the observatory and emphasize the motivation for the expedition.  I conclude by suggesting that this observatory emerges as a pivot-point on the eve of observational cosmology.



Day-O-WIPs 1.0

June 11, 2013

An unprecedented workshop-style afternoon packed with  five different WIPs:

“It is a good thing for every man to know a little about astronomy; it will make him a better man” Nora Boyd

“Boundary Conditions, Laws, and Nomological Content in Quantum Scattering Theory” Bihui Li

“From Waveguides to Field Theory” Michael Miller

“Psychiatric Objects in Research and Practice: Introducing the RDoC”  Kathryn Tabb

“Range Content, Attention, and the Precision of Representation” Trey Boone