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“Polish High School Graduate Major Choice” (11/17/16)

November 17, 2016
Tom Wysocki
Description of Project: I’m trying to finish a study in economics (that means economics, not philosophy of economics) that I started some years ago and neglected forever. The project is on how high-school graduates choose their major, and, in particular, whether norms (as in “one ought to study” or “everyone in my family has a degree and so should I”) play a role. I have the data already, estimated some models, and in the meanwhile I ran into some methodological problems. Some of them are in statistics/econometrics, some are more conceptual, and some are straightforwardly from philosophy of science. In my presentation, I want to (a) describe the project, (b) the hitherto results, and (c) signal the problems I ran into and hopefully get some helpful suggestions. I promise it’s more interesting than the abstract makes it seem.